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Keens Design is an ideal environment for advertisers. It offers advertisers over one million unique prospects per month in the most powerful advertising combination: interest-based targeting coupled with surfers who have planned to click and explore.

An audience that is currently demonstrating an interest in a specific topic, combined with a surfer who wants to be diverted and has planned time to explore, makes Keens Design the ideal environment for an advertiser.

Target Audience

Keens Design assembles specific audience categories for an advertiser to target. These are audiences that are currently demonstrating an interest in a specific topic or topics. Interest-based targeting is superior to the other major types of targeting methods such as demographic and psychographic targeting. These other methods use profiling and past behavior in attempts to guess who could be or might be interested in an advertiser's message. With the interest-based targeting method that Keens Design employs, an advertiser doesn't have to guess — he or she knows. Keens Design is designed to attract people interested in specific topics so an advertiser has an interested, unrushed and focused audience.


Visitors come to Keens Design with the plan of clicking and exploring so an advertiser has an easier time to get the attention and interest of a curious surfer. Surfers use Keens Design as a jumping-off point to the rest of the Web. This favorable advertising environment is another huge plus compared to the typical advertising environment found at most "destination" web sites. At a destination site (a web site that is the surfer's end objective), an advertiser must fight for attention and interrupt an often times rushed surfer.


One category can be selected, or several can be combined with others.

Pages that are available for icons or banners:

Accepted Image Formats

We accept images in the following formats:

  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • HTML
  • CGI
  • Java

GIF images must contain no more than 256 colors, and use a web-safe palette. Other image formats will not be accepted. Contact us if you need us to either create/design or convert your images for you.

Image Sizes and Dimensions

We has voluntarily elected to conform to the proposed CASIE / Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Standard advertising image sizes. Banners must be 468 x 60 pixels (Full Banner), Cube Tiles must be 125 x 125 pixels (Square Button), Rectanglar Tiles must be 120 x 60 pixels (Button 2) and Icon must be 88 x 61 pixels (Micro Bar). Graphics must not exceed 12K in size.

Advertising Rates

$50 * for 3,000 ad view
$70 * for 6,000 ad view
$100 * for 10,000 ad view
$200 * for 30,000 ad view
$500 * for 100,000 ad view

* These prices are estimated prices in US dollars, and they are subjected to change without notice.

Ready to Buy?

Contact us stating your need and background, and we can create a package suitable for you. Even just questions regarding our advertising system, we are more than happy to answer any concern you might have.

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