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We will analyze your existing Website upon request and discuss with you what's necessary to give it a nice facelift, bring the site up to a professional standard, or completely redesign it.

Site design is a blend of art and science, and by browsing the Web briefly you can see the amazing number of ways there are to get information across on the Internet. Keens Design has a strong interest in website standardization; that is, helping Websites become easier and faster for people to use. Sort of like how newspapers and television are simple and instinctive for you to use. Once in a while, Websites get designed that fall short in one area or another, and they can be improved.

Upgrading a Website is usually less expensive than starting from scratch. For do-it-yourselfers, just request a written report, and it's yours at the regular hourly fee, or work with Keens Design as a coach and learn to improve and upgrade the site yourself.

Method and Philosophy.

We will review your site's design style. The elements desired include:

  • Easily navigable site with ready information.
  • Clean background and overall look, spaces between content.
  • Spelling and grammar.
  • Colours matched properly.
  • Clean, sharp, attractive photos that download quickly.
  • Fonts (typefaces) that complement each other.
  • Layout that fits properly in every different screen size
  • Other items, per the 20 Points Website Proofing Checklist

If you request a written report, Keens Design will also review:

  • Your online competition, and make recommendations based on their sites.
  • Your search engine rankings, making recommendations for improving your site's positioning where necessary.
  • Information that could be included/removed from your site, and a basic information presentation strategy.

Feel free to take a look at our Web Design Portfolio »


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