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What is a Proof?

A Proof is a simulation of the final document's appearance before printing, that shows final color, layout and text.

Why Is a Proof Required?

To insure that your job prints the way you expect it to. Inspection and approval is the customer's responsibility, and represents an opportunity to detect and prevent errors. Once you have signed off, your proof serves as our reference to match the color and layout of your project.

What Type of Proofs Do We Offer?

Digital Proofs

This stands for portable document format and is created by Adobe Acrobat Distiller.

PDFs are viewable on your computer monitor and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them. Both IBM and Macintosh platforms run Adobe Acrobat and you can download the software for free at

Color fidelity of PDF files is affected by monitor calibration, lighting and the use of Pantone colors (Pantone colors do not always appear as true on your screen and may not be the color that appears in print).

This format can be opened on your computer monitor by any Internet browser.

You can inspect a JPEG proof of your job by visiting the URL where your job resides on our server (you will be e-mailed the address to click on)

Color fidelity of JPEG proofs depends on monitor calibration, lighting and the use of Pantone colors.

Paper Proofs

Ink Jet

These proofs are created on a color ink jet. Ink jet proofs reduce screen calibration and lighting as factors that can affect the accuracy of your proof. Furthermore, the ink jet prints on a specialty proofing material that simulates the properties of an offset sheet. These proofs are useful for CMYK images such as photos, but are less accurate for illustrations, solids and specific Pantone colors. Keens Design does not guarantees that ink jet will match press sheet color and only recommends them as an approximation for how your final job will print.


Since the same films used to burn printing plates are used to create Matchprints, this method yields highly accurate color proofs. Businesses such as Advertising Agencies that require very precise color reproduction prefer this method.

Comments and Advice Regarding Proofing Options

PDF & JPEG accurately render document layout, however they offer variable accuracy when reproducing color.

Color fidelity of PDF & JPEG proofs are affected by monitor calibration, lighting and the use of Pantone colors.

Ink jet proofs offer a level of color fidelity consistent with "pleasing color" projects.

Matchprints are the most accurate proofing method since they are created directly from the films used to create the plates that print your job.

Proofs will not match a specialty Pantone color when that Pantone color falls outside of the CMYK gamut. Provide your colors' Pantone number and we will mix inks to match your desired color. In such an instance, a Pantone chart will be the best indicator of how color will appear.

Proofing Microsoft jobs presents special challenges. Microsoft files were not designed for color offset printing. As a result PDFs, JPEGs or Epson proofs may not accurately predict printing results. When creating Proofs for these these file formats it is advisable to order matchprints since they are the most accurate and predictable Proofs. Keens Design accepts no liability for printing results if a matchprint is not ordered for Microsoft documents.

How Is Your Proof Delivered?

You can choose between online proofing (PDF & JPEG), or hard copy Proofs (Ink jet & Matchprint). PDF's can be e-mailed to you or you can view JPEG'S proofs posted on our server (you will be sent to a URL where you can inspect your proof). Ink jet or Matchprints will be sent to you via your choice of overnight or 2nd day air.

Mail us back your approved proofs as soon as possible so we can commence printing. If you have corrections, please notify us immediately.

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