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PowerPoint Presentations

Teach, amuse, inform or compel - professionally designed PowerPoint presentations speak volumes. Our experienced new media designers and writers create remarkably beautiful shows.

We consult with you to create the storyboard, isolate key messages and format content. Then we design several template renditions for your approval. Your presentation is optimized for readability and visual impact. We format charts, tables, graphs and maps so whether it is an annual report presentation, a business plan presentation, an e-business presentation, a scientific or technical presentation, or a PowerPoint business performance presentation.

PowerPoint Presentation Enhancement

See the difference that professional presentation designers and content developers will make to your next important presentation. No one will believe your presentation was created with PowerPoint.

  • Background Designs
    From your existing marketing materials we design a background or template that reflects your company's image. Load it into your PowerPoint software and you'll present like a pro.
  • Illustrations
    Our designers create computer-based drawings for multiple purposes including: print, web sites, Flash, and other applications.
  • Photo Scanning and Retouching
    We offer high-quality scanning and photo retouching by highly skilled operators trained in photography, colour balancing and Photoshop image manipulation.
  • Video
    We edit and convert video for playback inside your presentation. We support computer based video standards, including: MPEG, Quicktime and AVI.
  • 2D & 3D Animation
    You can convey important ideas as well as dimensional concepts with quality animation. Our animations are suitable for presentations, videos and the Internet.

CD ROM Business Card Productions

Multimedia represents a powerful marketing tool with broad appeal and a range of applications. By merging beautiful graphics with photography, video, animation and sound we create a multimedia experience. Our team designs, writes and storyboards CD's for digital catalogues, product introductions, training applications, kiosks and dynamic interactive presentations.

Flash Presentations

Separate your company from the pack with messages that really shout. Animated web presentations will tell your story in unique and compelling ways. Flash files are compact so they easily run from your Internet site or portable computer. With the added benefit of sound or narration you can deliver a stand-alone presentation or simply e-mail your presentation to your audience.

Flash Animation

Convey key ideas and concepts with quality animations suitable for corporate presentations and the web.


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