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Booklets are multi page informational documents usually printed in one, two or four color process. Booklets often have covers. Pamphlets, catalogs, reports, journals, guides, calenders, programs and magazines belong to the same category of documents. If a newsletter is less than four pages, It belongs to Flyers category.

There are many varieties of booklets depending on:

  • Application
    Sales catalogs, consumer catalogs, annual reports, product booklets, journals, exhibition guides, plans, calenders, meeting and convention programs, trade magazines.
  • Industry
    • Financial reports, financial guides, financial plans
    • Software guides
    • Travel guides, travel booklets
    • Academic booklets, academic journals, academic reviews
    • Medical guides, medical reports, medical reviews
    • Pharmaceutical guides, Pharmaceutical reviews
  • Specifications
    Digital and offset printing of booklets, full color booklets, two color booklets, one color booklets, Pantone color printed booklets, text weight booklets, cover weight booklets, self cover booklets, 8.5x11, 8.5x14, 11x17 booklets.


Number of Pages (excluding cover)
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Proofing Method
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Booklet & Brochure Cover Stock
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Cover Proofing Method
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